Reactions to Green party politician Christian Ströbele’s idea of offereing a Turkish version of the German National Anthem have been mainly unsupportive of the idea. Some were talking about offering the German flag with either an eagle or the crescent moon. Letters to the editor of many newspapers were sacracstic asking that government workers should now learn Turkish. But I wonder, if it might not be a good idea. In the U.S. most government offices have someone that speaks Spanish and most paperwork from the DMV to immigration forms are available in Spanish as well.  In Germany, not much is available in Turkish at all, even though Turkish immigrants are the largest immigrant group within Germany.


A KA News poll that was taken by 788 readers came to some interesting conclusions. While 42 %  were wondering why a Turkish version would be called ‘song of the Germans’, 34 % think the idea was a late April fools joke. 14.85 % cannot imagine Turkish immigrants singing this hymn anyway, and only 3.55 % would love to have this version available right away. 2 per cent find that a Turkish version would help when Germany wins the soccer .world cup, since everyone then can sing along, while another 4 % do not care anyway, as they don’t sing the anthem